Quad Muscle and Kneecap Pain After Running

“My knee hurts!” I hear and see this all too often. It’s the most common of daily injuries if you will, and so many have no idea how simple it is to fix.

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Knee pain can be felt in many ways. From inside the kneecap pain, to pain in the quadriceps are all related to the knee. Knee pain can show up anywhere in or around your knee. And is most common from a tight IT Band which many do not know about.

As a movement specialist and runner myself, I have had many clients with what they said to be “kneecap pan”, of which I had experienced as well. Many people and cut happy doctors immediately think its torn meniscus. One way to check if that is so, is if you feel knee pain by pressing behind the knee. Again, this is not as common as too many assume it to be, so I’m sure 90% of you will not feel pain behind the knee. However press outside the knee, up a few inches from the joint, you will sharp pain that has you saying my knee hurts!

Fascia runs all over the body, holding your muscles in place. Normal daily movement unaligns muscles and the fascia holds them in that place. Add to that activity and your putting strain on those muscles. A more active person may not feel this strain as much as a non-active person will at first.

Specific to the knee is a Tight IT Band (iliotibial band). A piece of fascia that runs along the outside of the leg, from hip to knee. It holds tension causing the ligaments and muscles to be pulled and locked up respectively. Foam rolling The IT Band is the only way to release the tension and increase blood flow to the joint which decreases the pain. The IT band cannot be stretched out. It is imperative for knee health to foam roll.

More specific to kneecap pain after running is felt literally inside the knee, like said above. Its pain unlike anything else. When you say ‘my knee hurts‘ regarding this type of knee pain, it makes you want to rip off your kneecap but you simply cant do that. However to help find its source, put your hand across the top of your knee (bottom of your quad’s), placing your thumb on the inside of your knee and squeeze pressing with the thumb I guarantee you will have pain under your thumb. That is a knot, tension, caused my a tight IT Band. The IT Band is on the outside of the leg however unattended the tightness pulls the kneecap (more commonly) outward, causing pain on the opposite side (inside/inner thigh area) of the kneecap. Having this tight IT Band, then go for run, you will be screaming my knee hurts with kneecap pain after running.

All it takes to stop saying ‘my knee hurts it to trust your body needs one thing, you! Simple body maintenance can prevent any injuries, doctor visits and most of all surgery. Everyone should be rolling, especially If you are are a runner, it is in your best interest to get foam rolling on your IT Band (outer thigh), quads, inner thigh/groin, calves and back. Consistently foam rolling will get rid of kneecap pain after running, and so much more for leg health. #RunPainFree


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    April 17, 2013 at 3:14 pm ·

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