My Knee Hurts! The Top 3 Knee Pain Complaints

My knee hurts is a help site for your knee pain. In this article we will discuss the top 3 knee pain complaints in hopes to help you eliminate saying “my knee hurts”.

Knee pain outside the knee:
When there is pain just outside the kneecap, it is actually very common. Take your index finger and press right above where the bone is on the outside of the knee. Pain there upon pressing is cause of a tight IT Band (iliotibial band). Made up of Fascia which holds muscles all over the body in place. The IT Band runs from the outside of the hip to the outside of the Kneecap. A tight, tension filled IT band pulls on the kneecap causing pressure/pain to the outside of the knee. Fascia holds tension and restricts muscle movement and blood flow. This is extremely common in both active and inactive people.

How to fix this? Foam rolling.
Foam rolling is something I speak allot about. Tight fascia cannot be stretched out, it must be pressed out hence the foam roller. Rolling along the IT band is painful at first and should be. Roll ip and down the band, holding on spots that hurt to release the knot and the rolling. Repeat this equally on both legs for a minimum of 10 mins. This increased blood flow, releases tension knots and realigns the muscles to move freely.

Pain Inside the knee:
Pain in the inner portion of the kneecap; left to the right kneecap and right to the left kneecap. This is most commonly from tension of the inner thigh up to the groin area. Also its cause from a tight IT Band, even though the IT band runs along the outside of the leg, the pain comes from the tension pulling on the knee outward therefore causes pain on the inside of the knee and referred pain up the inner thigh. Using your thumb, press about 2″ up your leg from the inner portion of the knee where you feel the pain. Pain? That’s a knot.

How to fix this? You guessed it, foam rolling.
This time you will roll the inside of the leg, inner thigh. Laying on your stomach bend your knee, place the bent leg on the roller. Using your body, roll outward allowing the roller to roll up your inner thigh up to your groin area. Again holding on sensitive spots for a few seconds to release that knot, followed by rolling that area out. Repeating this equally on both legs.

Pain inside the kneecap:
This pain is a tough one to deal with. People automatically assume this is meniscus pain. A way to eliminate this idea is by pressing just below the kneecap as well as in the center behind the knee. Pain upon pressing in either spot could be meniscus. If there is no pain here which is most cases, then move your hand up the knee. Just above the knee about 2 inches up on the quad muscles, inline with the inner part of the joint press using your thumb. Pain? Thats your kneecap pain. It is extremely painful to rollout. In most cases I roll this out for my clients because its a deep knot that is hard to get to yourself. However using the technique of rolling the inside of the knee pain (inner thigh) and maneuvering your body to get to this very, very specific spot.

Foam rolling may cause bruises on your leg. Do not be alarmed its actually good if your bruise and is not invasive at all. It’s from the tension in the leg being released, the explosion as I say causes the bruising. It is more common to bruise along the IT Band and not so much on the inner thigh or quad roll. You actually feel blood flow in the leg after you roll. Be sure to rest the leg post rolling and allow the blood to flow. Your pain will decreases after rolling and in many cases gone by the next day. Foam rolling is a daily activity you need to keep up on. Consistency in rolling, means non consistent pain. And less and less of you saying my knee hurts.

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This is what a tight, unattended IT band looks like. I roll out my clients because I can do takes a person a few days on their own in one roll. It was very painful for her, but the next day she came to me like this with NO KNEE PAIN. She has foam rolled everyday since and is knee pain free. Don’t let bruises scare you.. It’s just your body fixing Itself in this case.


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