My Knee Hurts and I Don’t Know Why?

My knee hurts and I dont know why?! You came to the right place. A general overview.

Knees are a specialty of mine. As an NYC fitness specialist/trainer and movement expert, my mission is to educate on fitness and diet. Relieving pain and eliminating excuses to enable others to workout and live freely is my drive and goal. Now let’s get to why youre yelling my knee hurts and stop the pain!

A few things to consider: All of the following make a bigger difference than you think.
• Do you foam roll?
• Are you active?
• Where specifically is the pain?
• Did you have a direct impact to the knee?
If you had a direct hit to the knee then see a doctor. However 95% of you on here did not have any direct bang to your knee. Yet you have knee pain.

To you, This pain you’re having is out of the blue that you simply cannot figure it out what it is that’s making you say my knee hurts. I am here to tell you, it’s not out of thin air, this knee pain has been brewing for a long time. Unfortunately it has reached a point where you now have pain preventing you from daily life.

Weight definitely has an effect, but even heavy you can reduce the pain but its very important even so to get the weight down. Arthritis, Bursitis, tendonitis and the like are all truly rooted from lack of mobility and therefore improper movement of the joint. Patella-femoral Syndrome, Iliotibal Band Syndrom; when you are diagnosed with a “syndrome” it is saying you have pain that doctors can’t figure out and now they put a name on it to appease. Sadly. Pain in the knee that travels up to the quad and settles there is more common than known, and it’s easier to relieve pain than most know as well. Foam rolling the leg muscles releases tension and created blood flow continually and relieves pain.

I’ve rehabbed people from reconstructed knees, replaced knees, torn meniscus surgery (that wasn’t torn), torn ligaments, marathon runners with no cartilage in either knees and so on.. It is very possible to be rid of saying my knee hurts with simple maintenance.

It’s important that I help and eliminate pain from as many people I can. Surgery is always last resort. Get out there and be active again!

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  1. Mike Campbell
    2 years ago

    I have Osgood’s schlater. I am 53 and have not had any trouble at all for over 30 years. I have also had some meniscus remove from both knees. Neither knee has given me a lick of trouble ever since. This one was done in 1981! suddenly in the last two days I do. Yesterday i only noticed a spot on the knot of the schlater that felt like a pimple and figured it would go away. Today it progressed to the point where I am up at night. I can feel it know matter what I do, but bending it is the worst. standing and walking is bad too. It is quite tender to the touch all along the top of thibia around the schlater but mostly on the right side not so much in the knee itself pain is in the front when I lift my knee up. i am very familiar with knee pain from torn meniscus’ and never recall pain like this. I do not recall doing anything at all to agravarte the knee. It came on very sudden and I am baffled. It is warm to the touch and sensitive to the touch. Help

  2. jleggio
    2 years ago

    Hi Mike!

    Ok.. pain in front of the knee, above or in the patella band? or IN like inside the kneecap, front of knee? Is there pain down the Tibia? or just At at to top of it? Is there pain along the outside of the calf downward?
    Do you foam roll? Any pain in your calves, high or lower portion? Pain on either said of the knee?
    Get back to me on those and lets get this fixed!